Design of intelligent networked new-energy vehicles

Cooperative manufacturing of new-energy commercial vehicles

Development of energy storage technology for lithium battery cascade utilization

Cooperative construction of battery swapping station

Lithium Battery
Power System

Lithium Battery
Power System

New Energy
Commercial Vehicle

Power System

Power System

Storage System

New energy

power system

Ship power system

Energy storage

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Land-based commercial vehicles

1. New energy logistics vehicles

2. New energy freight vehicles 

3. New energy passenger transport vehicles

e-Future new energy lithium battery is adapted to new energy logistics vehicles, new energy freight vehicles, new energy passenger vehicles and other land commercial vehicles. Our products are widely used in express delivery, super distribution, e-commerce logistics and other scenarios. We provide customers with safe, reliable and energy-saving whole battery solutions, accelerate the process of electrification in urban logistics, make transportation smarter and make the future more environmentally friendly.

Land-based commercial vehicles

1. New energy electric ships

e-Future new energy lithium power provides safe, reliable and green solutions for ship electrification, helps the construction of water ecological civilization, and provides overall efficient solutions for the global water transportation vehicle to be electrified.

Lithium Battery Research and Development

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Energy Storage Business

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Commercial Development

Business development solutions

Work together to customize your business development
plan and make everything possible!

New Energy Products
Battery Swapping

Equipment & Services  
Business Model
- Leasing Company
- Local Production (KD Cooperation)
- EIC System
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