The Philippine official delegation in Shanghai led by Consul General visited Fengchuen

April 28, 2023

    On April 25, a delegation from the Philippine official in Shanghai, led by Consul General Josel F. Ignacio, visited Fengchuen.

    Chairman Li Longde of FengChuen expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to the Philippine official delegation in Shanghai for their visit.

    At the meeting, Mr. Li Longde, Chairman of Fengchuen and Mr. Ding Haiyi, General Manager of Fengchuen made a detailed introduction of Fengchuen's enterprise and products, and highlighted the development and expansion of Fengchuen's market in the Philippines.

    Chairman Li Longde pointed out that Fengchuen completely insists on taking the market demand as the guide and solving market pain points as the ultimate goal to develop products that the market really needs. In order to achieve customized product development, electric jeepney products undergo thorough market research as well as regulatory studies before development and in-depth communication with local end users. In addition, in terms of partnership, whether it’s domestic or overseas partners, Fengchuen is based on the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation and takes meeting and solving the needs of partners as the starting point to explore mutually beneficial long-term strategic partnerships.

     After the meeting, the Philippine official delegation in Shanghai also visited Fengchuen's Jiangyin factory, where they toured e-Future electric logistics vehicles, such as FC25 and DV40, and test-drove the electric jeepney model that will be launched in the Philippine market. The appearance of the product retains the local traditional cultural characteristics of the Philippines, and pure electric power can effectively solve the problem of high energy consumption and heavy emission of traditional fuel jeepneys, protecting the natural ecological environment of the Philippines.

    The Philippine Consul General in Shanghai affirmed Fengchuen's professionalism in the electric vehicle industry and proposed a bright vision of long-term cooperation with the Philippine government and enterprises to promote electric vehicles locally, hoping to see more e-Future electric vehicles in the Philippines in the future.

   Zhang, Deputy Secretary General of the China-Asia Economic Development Association, pointed out that Fengchuen is a pragmatic electric vehicle enterprise with strong capability in production, manufacturing and R&D of electric vehicles. We hope that the cooperation between Fengchuen and the Philippines will become a business card of China-Philippines friendship and cooperation and that the future of China-Philippines friendship and cooperation will be promising by adhering to good neighborliness and win-win cooperation.

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