e-Future DV40, the best choice for the new energy logistics vehicle market

April 11, 2023

   In order to enable global customers to have access to truly high-quality and efficient electric logistics vehicles, the e-Future DV40 product, which is the best choice in the domestic and international electric logistics market, by making full use of its own commercial vehicle development, design and manufacturing capabilities in terms of product features, core triboelectric systems and product comfort configurations.

1. Large volume, large load is the real efficiency

    The key to logistics vehicles is to carry more and run faster. Volume and loading weight mean efficiency, while time is money. e-Future DV40 has a range of 300km and can provide a loading capacity of 10.5m³ and a loading weight of 1.5t.

2. Efficient earning needs more speed

     In the logistics industry, which requires higher and higher efficiency, speed directly affects efficiency. e-Future DV40 is equipped with a high-power of 120kW and peak torque of 410N.m. It has strong power and achieves climbing and the maximum speed can reach 100km/h, making logistics and distribution more high-speed and efficient.

3. CATL brand battery

     e-Future DV40 is equipped with CATL brand battery, which is as "full" as its power and sincerity, with a battery pack capacity of 105.7kWh and power consumption of 35kw per 100km.

4. Fast charging less waiting

    e-Future DV40 supports 2 charging modes, AC slow charging and DC fast charging, fast full charge only takes 2 hours, double the efficiency, half the wait, and more efficient logistics and distribution.

5. Body design More beautiful and safe

    e-Future DV40 length, width and height dimensions are 5915*2040*2632mm, wheelbase 3665mm, the golden body ratio, both beautiful and safe, 360 ° every angle is the scenery.

6. Five-star safety features

    e-Future DV40 is equipped with super safety features, such as ABS+EBD, four-wheel disc brake, dual airbags, high-strength body, seat belt unfastened reminder, door unclosed reminder, etc., to protect your safe travel.

7. Comfortable and enjoyable

    e-Future DV40 in high-value, solid body not floating at high speed, open space to pull more cargo, the cockpit is equipped with multimedia, numerous storage space and other practical configurations, so that work becomes a pleasure.

    As one of the best vehicles in the global electric logistics market, e-Future DV40 is widely loved by consumers in Canada and other overseas markets. In the future, Fengchuen will continue to uphold the brand vision of "making transportation smarter and the future cleaner" and insist on making good vehicles and new energy commercial vehicles that the market needs and loves.

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