China-Asia Economic Development Association President Shunji Quan visited e-Future

December 7, 2022

On December 7, under the organization and leadership of President Xing Ping, Vice President of the Philippine-China Investment and Trade Promotion Association, Vice President/(6th) Senior Advisor of Jiangsu Overseas Exchange Association and Senior Advisor of e-Future, President Quan Shunji of China Asia Economic Development Association visited e-Future together to give guidance and advice on the subsequent development of e-Future.

e-Future President Longde Li and Vice President Huizi Jiang warmly received President Quan Shunji and his delegation, including Vice President Che Chang, Vice Secretary General Ruoxi Zhang, Executive Vice President Guowei Xu, Vice President China Li, Vice Secretary General Dacheng Zhan of the China Veterans Employment and Entrepreneurship Service Promotion Association, and partner Vice President Jihua Wang.

Mr Quan Shunji listened to e-Future's current business situation and future development plan in the field of new energy. He recognized and spoke highly of e-Future's development and the brand vision of "make transportation smarter, make the future cleaner". Besides, he also made suggestions for the future expansion of e-Future's business and the Southeast Asian market. Mr Quan said that next year is the 30th anniversary of the China Asia Economic Development Association (CAEDA). e-Future, as a new force in the new energy industry, is looking forward to contributing new and greater strength to the Yangtze River Delta Division of CAEDA.

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