Expanding the territory,e-Future expanded from Southeast Asia to Central and South America

August 31, 2022

Director Shin Jong-hwan, the sales director of the DV subsidiary in South Korea of Fengchuen, arrived in Brazil on July 12, and discussed the relevant market strategies of the new energy electric vehicle market in Brazil and the cooperation opportunities in the local market with the chairman of the E company, one of the seven richest people in the world.At the same time, business negotiation with relevant government departments such as the Ministry of Commerce of Brazil, the local deputy governor of GOIANIA, and representatives of law firms has been fruitful.

The whole Jiangyin new energy vehicle manufacturing base of Fengchuen covers an area of ​​5,000 square meters and has strong R&D, production and manufacturing capabilities for new energy commercial vehicles. The demand for new energy commercial vehicles in the Brazilian market is one of the leading directions for the development of the company.

The participation of South Korea's ENPLUS, Ganfeng Lithium Battery, etc. has enabled Fengchuen to provide solutions for the whole industry chain of new energy from lithium mines, lithium batteries, vehicles, energy storage to battery recycling, etc., and can provide customers with more stable, guaranteed products and services which could help fengchuen to  provide more firearms and ammunition  to enter the Brazilian market.

 The development of new energy storage will focus on the user & home , base station solutions, industrial and commercial energy storage solutions, etc., which can better solve the needs of the Brazilian market's demand for energy storage products.

e-Future Global Location

The development of the Brazilian market is an imperative strategic move for Fengchuen to expand the global market. In the global new energy commercial vehicle market, Fengchuen has high-quality commercial vehicle R&D, production and manufacturing capabilities, and is one of the outstanding representatives of China's quality manufacturing.In addition, in the new energy peripheral business, such as power exchange business, energy storage product development, etc., we are also constantly expanding and improving to meet the full range of needs of the global new energy market.Fengchuen e-Future is an explorer of new energy commercial vehicles, creating sustainable growth value for global user partners, and has been in action!

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